Touches of Colour by Zeinat Gelli

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Touches of Colour
This two-piece painting on canvas celebrates the vibrancy of colour in African fabrics
and the significance of the various colours in many West African cultures. The blue
fabric symbolizes love and peace and the soothing nature of the colour of the sky. The
red represents friction in the spiritual or political sphere. White symbolizes purity and
spiritually and is carefully intermingled here with gold, which represents wealth and
fertility. The synchronicity between the material and spiritual world hereby being



Zeinat Gelli is a Nigerian artist who mainly works in oil on canvas, a medium which allows her to establish a stylistically rich toned, layered and fluid feel to her paintings. Inspired by her passion for both art and life sciences from an early age, her work blends principles from both areas using the study of form and interaction to capture the subtlety of meaning, mood and emotion


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