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Using this website guarantees that you agree to all that is in our privacy policy as well as assure the management of Ozoza Lifestyle of correct information given by you.


We will not tolerate unnecessary advertisement of products on our website, abuse of other people’s right, introduction of computer viruses, hacking any part of the website and provision of false information. Indulging in these is a criminal offence and culprits will be dealt with appropriately. This website will also not be liable for any damages that will affect your electronic gadget may be in the case of downloading any material from our website or logging into other website which has been linked to it.


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You can order our products online as well as through our Ozoza WhatsApp number +233 55 328 2406. Please make sure all details such as shipment details are accurate as we will not be responsible for delay in shipment in case of wrong address. Orders made are subjected to our terms and conditions.

  • We will receive a notification when you make an order OR enquire about our products.
  • Prices of items are available on the website. In case of any error in pricing, you will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Shipment will be based on the availability of products.
  • Orders made outside the website will come with an invoice for payment through the mailing system
  • Management of Ozoza Lifestyle will be notified of payment of items ordered on the website so as to help proceed with shipment.


We are assured that you agree to uphold and defend, its managements and offices in case of going contrary to these terms and conditions or misusing the website.


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