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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Ozoza Lifestyle seeks to empower the youths in various communities in West Africa with the skills required to improve their lives so that they can in turn give back to their communities. We support a number of NGOs technically and financially.

A percentage of every Ozoza item bought is used to sponsor Youth workshops. We believe that knowledge is the greatest tool one can give a human being. With heightened consciousness, comes positive action and change for the betterment of all society.

We also support the Youth Empowerment Project technically by assisting them with designing the Youth Empowerment Programme Content. Some of our projects include:

  • Youth Personal Effectiveness Workshops
  • Youth Emotional Intelligence Workshops
  • Youth Gender Dynamics Workshops


Youth Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Emotional Intelligence

Emmoa Foundation runs Emotional Intelligence Workshops. We focus on Emotional Intelligence because we recognize that young people and adults with higher levels of emotional intelligence are more effective at managing themselves and relating to others around them. This can in turn help them to develop increased self-motivation and improve their communication skills which are all essential for supporting them in becoming fully realized, functional and effective members of society.


Youth Personal Effectiveness Workshops

Personal EffectivenessThis workshop focuses on time management and planning, lateral thinking, coping with various situations intelligently and communication. Our beneficiaries have all the answers in themselves, we just seek to provide the relevant platforms for them to unleash their great potential and contribute all their wonderful talents to their communities.



African Queens Seminar & Fashion Show

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