We design great clothes and accessories. Yes, this is how some of you found us but more than fashion, we have been actively raising people’s consciousness about African heritage.

Learning about the intricacies of the various cultures in Africa, the men and women who ruled; and the lessons present and future generations can draw from these, have formed a huge part of our mission at Ozoza Lifestyle.

These topics are important elements of the Crucial Conversations we ought to be having. Yes, we snuck in the name of our podcast in that last sentence.

You might have bought our African-inspired outfits, listened to our lectures and webinars on African queens or read our blogs but the podcast is the nice cherry on top.

Away from the formal nature of the lectures, the podcast – Crucial Conversations – features a well-curated guest list that include experts across various fields, from entertainment to anthropology, who share their expertise in riveting and insightful conversations.

The conversations are wonderfully hosted by Aziza Atta whose years of experience and passion about African heritage, come handy in pushing the learning experiences for you, our esteemed listener.

There is no need to wait further. A fountain of knowledge awaits you. Click the link and listen away.