Earlier, we told you that we were going to serve you premium content on African heritage from all fronts. It is true that every week, we get to discuss issues on this blog but we also started a podcast that you can listen to anytime and anywhere.

The podcast – Crucial Conversations – features discussions with African talents who explore various topics of interest for all of us. This week, our spotlight is on Oliver Enwonwu, a celebrated Nigerian artist.

Enwonwu is the president of the Society of Nigerian Artists, the umbrella professional body for all practising visual artists in Nigeria. He comes from a long line of artists; his grandfather was a reputable traditional sculptor and his father Ben, widely celebrated as Africa’s pioneer modernist.

In his work, Enwonwu elevates Black culture to challenge racial injustice and systemic racism by celebrating the cultural, political and socio-economic achievements of Africans through an examination of African spirituality, Black identity and migration, contemporary African politics, Pan Africanism and the global Africa empowerment movement.

In this episode of the podcast, he sat with host, Aziza Atta to discuss the place of African Modern Art and general issues challenging the African art space.

Among other gems, Enwonwu succinctly explained the connection between African art and spiritualism, citing the latter as one of the refreshing, defining factors that make African art more lifelike and unique.

He also traced the place of African modern art and referenced his father’s efforts in pushing the right narrative about the development of the era. Before we write about it all, why don’t you plug in and listen. There is so much to learn and it was specially crafted for you. Listen here

  • Dec 18, 2020
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