African women urged to be confident

African women have been urged to exhibit strength and confidence wherever they found themselves because no woman was born weak.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ozoza Lifetsyle Limited (OLL), Mrs Aziza Atta a fashion and women empowerment firm gave the advise at the launch of the African Queens Series in Accra.

The programme, which ended over the weekend with a fashion show was organised by OLL and aimed at raising awareness about the legacy of African queens throughout history and inspirations that could be derived from their stories.

As part of the event, a lecture focused on the life of Yaa Asantewaa was also held with participants taken through how the current African woman could draw lessons and aspirations from the warrior’s exemplary life.

According to Mrs Atta there was a Yaa Asantewa in every Ghanaian woman so all hands must be joined to empower women across the country and make them aware that there is power in them.

“No woman was born week, what Yaa Asantewaa, the commander in chief of the then Ashanti Kingdom did is a proof that we can also do more.

Let us keep showing acts of bravery in all we do. We have the ability to transform the world. If Yaa Asantewaa was able to do it, then we can also do same or even more. Excellence and courage is not a matter of gender. We are all capable so let us encourage and empower each other,” she advised.

On her part, the Deputy Director of the National Theatre, Dr Akosoa Abdalla reiterated the fact that every African woman was a born warrior therefore there was no need for women to limit themselves or feel inferior.

She explained that real African women are innovative, strong, confident and extremely courageous people who do not need help or approval from others before taking up initiatives that could lead to success.

Mrs Abdallah  also urged men to support women in all their endeavours instead of undermining them.

She commend OLL for the putting up such a programme, saying it would go a long way in empowering women and reminding them of the power they possessed.

The programme also saw the exhibition of various African themed clothing and drama performance.




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