You’ve Done It: Happy New Year

2021. It feels good to start by mentioning a year that is not 2020. Happy New Year and you ought to feel great that you made it this far. Customarily, people love to list their achievements for the old year so they can mull over and make goals for the New Year.

We really hope that as you do this, you are fair and kind to yourself. That you recognise that you have spent the last year being a part of history – the kind that will be taught in future schools.

You should know that when the heroes of these moments are captured, future generations will be astonished by your bravery and endurance in these times.

While it is easy to fret and feel sad over the work you could not do, families you could not spend time with, those we lost and the parts of us that have changed forever, do not fail to acknowledge your own strength.

For us, at Ozoza Lifestyle, we had plans on how to bring the lessons from African heritage to you. Those plans were altered by the pandemic but helped birth more beautiful ways for us to get to you and for you to interact with us better.

We started writing more to you through this blog, had some webinars and launched a podcast you can catch up on. 2020, for all it is worth, allowed us take time to breathe, to think and to learn.

These are lessons we do not take for granted. It has been a pleasure to bring you these lessons on African heritage in the way that we have and we are honoured in the way you have accepted us.

If you are still feeling blue, a gift will cheer you up. You can gift yourself anything from our collections or gift someone who still needs some rays of light. Happy new year.


  • Jan 01, 2021
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