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What's Gele Got To Do With It

Posted on 24 June 2017

What's Gele Got To Do With It

A Gele is a flat piece of fabric typically Aso Oke, Brocade, African Print, Damask. It is wrapped by hand to form headwear. There is a certain respect for women who “know how to tie Gele”. The ways to tie it vary from very simple to somewhat complicated. Some would say there is a hierarchy in Geles. But the truth is that they all look magnificent.

Geles are worn by African Women to complement their African oufit. To be honest with you, Gele is the crown of the outfit, the frame of the picture, the highlight. Gele gives a woman dignity, respect, attitude. It's the fashion accessory that the African woman (particularly the West African woman) cannot do without. It is often worn at weddings and other important social occasions.

Historically in Yoruba tradition the manner in which a Gele is tied indicated a woman’s marital status. A Gele’s end leaning to the right indicates a woman is married and a Gele’s end leaning to the left indicates that a woman is single. However, nowadays, particularly in urban settings there is no specific social significance given to the way a woman ties her Gele. It is simply a fashion accessory, and a very splendid one at that.


Ozoza Lifestyle Team

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