The latest trends in boubous

Boubous are loose and flowing garments worn in most part of Africa especially Senegal, Nigeria, Niger, Mali and some other parts of Africa. They are worn by both men and women. 

You’d agree with me that Boubous are one of the most sought after, classy yet comfortable outfits out there. 

A boubou or bubu, or grand bubu as it is often called is an African garment worn by men and women in much of West Africa, and parts of Central Africa. Its name comes from the ​Wolof​ ​ ‘mbubb’, which made it into French, as boubou.

There are different styles of Boubou and it will surprise you to know that the popular “Agbada” men wear is also a style of Boubou. 

The tradition and origin of Boubous is pretty old. It goes as far back as the 8th century.

Boubous are very versatile and they can be worn in any season. They can be worn in spring, summer, fall, and winter depending on how they are styled. 

These stunning outfit are perfect for all occasions, be it birthdays, weddings, burial ceremonies or games night with your friends.

Boubou Styles for Ladies in 2021 

We have highlighted some gorgeous Boubou styles below, we hope you have as much fun reading this as we had putting this

Agbada Boubou 

Funky Boubou 

Butterfly Boubou 

Short Boubou 

Best Fabrics to Use for Boubous 

Silk and Chiffon, Cotton, Ankara, Adire and even Lace fabrics are suitable for Boubous because of how elegant they are. The most common are the silk and chiffon Boubous. In terms of production technology, silk is a bit more complicated than chiffon and generally more expensive. 

Chiffon Butterfly Boubou 

Reasons you Should Wear a Boubou 

  • Boubous help boost your confidence - Boubous are exquisite and they give a sense of confidence. A lot People were of the opinion that Boubous are meant for older women but now, even young women wear Boubous and use the hashtag #Richauntyvibes because they feel Boubous make them feel like a Rich Aunty. Lol. This hashtag has been used by several young women. It has almost 30,000 posts associated with it on Instagram. 
  • Boubous help you look more sophisticated and elegant

If you would like to know more about the history and origin of Boubous, read our previous blog post about Boubous HERE 

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