Taking A Fun Ride Through African Heritage

It is not uncommon to see a lot of non-Africans donning Kente or Aso-oke as they make attempts to identify with the continent presently. For many, Africa represents origin, strength and the constant that will always give a sense of belonging.

The continent, home to many, have found interesting ways to be culturally diverse and spiritually united at the same time. Whether one is walking the streets, talking with the people, eating the food or consuming the arts, all one can see are multiple strands of beauty – breath-taking beauty that is so unique but feels familiar.

It is in these intricacies and the multi-faceted expressions of her people that Africa thrives and has now become the centre of cultural inspiration. Almost every major album in the last couple of years has drawn inspiration from the continent. Most notably, Beyonce’s ‘Lion King: The Gift’ is an ode to the motherland.

Still, with her heavy influence on fashion, food, arts, music and general living around the world, many do not know the continent and her heroes – past and present. For some that are unaware, it is simply because they do not know where to look and do not want to take stories from the wrong places.

They would rather not know than be told adulterated tales that do no justice to the bravery and characters of these heroes. Someone has to provide a guide, a map in a sense that gives a tour through African heritage.

For years, Ozoza lifestyle has moved through the continent, telling stories about the continent’s heritage and spotlighting African queens whom the world mostly prefers to ignore.

In a series of successful lectures and fashion/art shows, Ozoza has educated people on the importance of African cultures while dissecting the intricacies. There is still more to do.

Having recognised the gaps, the company, run by Aziza Atta, has begun to engage multiplatform approaches to tell African stories. One of such is this blog, which will run weekly to bring new perspectives on African heritage.

Specifically written for young people on the internet by other young people willing to know more about Africa and her rich contents, a fresh dose of this blog will be delivered every Friday for your reading pleasure.

We hope that this ride will be fun for you and promise to do everything to make it so. Most importantly, we wish that you learn more and more about the continent and develop personal admiration for her heroes.


  • Nov 20, 2020
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