Power Voltage

Power Voltage, what do we mean? I thought Ozoza Lifestyle was focused on African fashion, culture, heritage and social issues, etc, etc, etc. When did they get into physics? We asked ourselves the same question.

So, what do we mean by this? What is Power? Technically speaking, power is the amount of energy transferred or converted per unit time. But there are different types of power. The kind of power we are focusing on in this blog is human power, human energy. Human beings are made of energy. When we say energy, we are referring to the life force that flows through the body. All matter and also intangible processes (emotional, psychological etc.) are made of energy.  

We, as human beings operate within this energy field and what we do, think, say, feel affects the positive potency of the energy field. Why is it important to recognise this? Because essentially this energy field is the engine that drives us forward. The extent to which it is positively charged will determine the extent to which a life of purpose, vigour, fulfilment and productivity can be lived. We are full of energy. How many times have you walked into a room and met someone fully charged with positive energy. You came away from their presence on a high and motivated, abi? What was that all about? The impact of that person’s positive energy or vibe affected you. The reverse is also true. So, energy is real. We feel it, it affects us. It has power.

So, let’s look at how we manage our energy. If we use our energy wisely it can be transformative for the self and society. It all depends on how it is harnessed. Energy can either be aggregated into transformative power or it can be disrupted and wasted. Twenty per cent of our energy is consumed daily by our brain activity, physical and other activities etc take the other portions. The power is there, so its all about preventing the energy being sapped with things that are not useful in anyway. Focused mental energy, focused movement. Is the thought or movement an energy sapper or fortifier? Ask yourself the question for each activity. Keep assessing. Very soon it will become habitual and you will recognise the sappers and fortifiers and skip accordingly.

We preserve energy by centring ourselves. Doing things that charge our batteries and give us a sense of peace. Its an internal charging. One feels the sense of ones body. You are validated by the relationship that you have with yourself and for some a dimension outside yourself and this world. In society we see people often overlooking this and seeking external validation from people in society. This external validation is fleeting and can never satisfy which is why people are repeatedly looking for it. There will never be enough ‘likes’ on social media to satisfy you. It becomes an addiction. An addiction to external validation.

Once you realise this reality, you will start to filter your experiences. You will avoid negativity like the plague, not get attached to situations or people in an unhealthy way and stop people pleasing. Yes, you cannot avoid negative situations, but you can minimise them and ensure that when you encounter negative situations or people, you are in a balanced state of being to handle challenges with wisdom. The balance is delicate. It’s a journey with its ups and downs. There are power fluctuations, but at least you know how to stabilise and recharge. Like a transformer you learn in which situations to increase or decrease the voltage as required. You set off on the journey to master your power voltage.

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  • Jun 05, 2021
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