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Okene Kene

Posted on 23 June 2017

Okene Kene

I wonder what our grandmothers thoughts were as they wove Okene cloth? As their hands held the wooden stick that laced the straightened thread across the loom. What crossed their minds, as they created the intricate patterns of the fabric? Those fabrics that became the splendour of many a bride, of many an occasion.

Was there simply a focus on the art form and the desire to create something so magnificent?

Was it their own time away from quotidian matters, their earned right to be undisturbed in a public sphere?

Was it the income that would come from the sale in the market on completion?

Was it life’s issues racing through, reflections and deliberations?

Was it? Was it?

We’ll never know, that is the crux of this mystery. We’ll never know what was in their minds as they wove so methodically. As their bodies swayed around the loom somewhat in a trance, which resulted in a material display of a visually perfect woven dance.

We’ll never know.


Ozoza Lifestyle Team

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