It’s the year 2021, and the question is, are Maxi Dresses still in style? At Ozoza Lifestyle we say the answer is a Definite YES. An outfit that never goes out of style, remains classy and is a perfect choice when you are looking for elegance and comfort.

Maxi Dresses are characterised by their loose flowy nature and can be ankle, floor or knee length creating a laid back and breezy look. Also,The Maxi Dress  often features an elbow length or wrist length sleeve and a round neck.

This style has evolved as many designers worldwide have created a variety of designs for The Maxi Dress including African Designers who have become more creative with different fabrics as well. Today the variety of Maxi Dresses made of different African Print Fabrics are embraced worldwide as people not only find comfort and a unique style, but an understanding of African Heritage, History and Fashion in the outfits.

Maxi Dresses come in many unique styles and are made of different crisp fabrics. They can be made in, Linen, Adire, Ankara and even a combination of different types of fabric.

Now you may be wondering, what are some of the accessories to pair with Maxi Dresses? Due to the simple yet elegant nature of Maxi Dresses, it is best to combine it with bold pieces of accessories.

Accessories such as African cloth cowries’ necklaces, African wooden necklaces, and earrings as well as African bead necklaces go a long way in bringing out the ethereal look of the Maxi Dress.

Maxi Dresses can also be paired with head gear like turbans, be it simple or dramatic depending on the occasion.

Maxi Dresses for women

Women deserve to feel elegant, and comfortable at the same time. Women need to feel confident in their outfits regardless of their body shapes and sizes. Maxi Dresses are perfect for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s a flattering and comfortable attire appropriate for all occasions.

Hi beautiful professional fashionista, rock our Maxi dresses to work with effortless glamour. Hey there mother, looking for matching outfits to rock with your daughters for a photoshoot or to an event? Say no more. African Inspired Maxi dresses are the trend. Hi ladies, still confused about what ensemble to wear as a group to a wedding? Pair a Maxi Dress with a double or single rose turban and African inspired accessories and set the mood for a classy African vibe.

We have highlighted some African Inspired Maxi dresses perfect for women to make them feel confident and beautiful.

Adire Maxi Dress

Adire is a handmade resist-dyed cloth which originated from the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria in West Africa. The word “Adire” means “Tied and died” in Yoruba. Maxi Dresses made from Adire are perfect for traditional occasions, social events and suitable for a glamourous or casual look. Below are some elegant Maxi Dresses made from Adire.

Looking for what to wear to a social event? This Adire Maxi dress paired classy heals, a bold coloured turban and an elegant clutch is your go to ensemble.


Do not forget to throw in some African inspired accessories to finish off your look.

Feel like a queen in this African Inspired Adire Maxi Dress.

Linen Maxi Dress

Linen is a very strong, light weighted fabric which is comfortable to wear in hot weather and is valued for use in garments. Linen exudes elegance thus a linen maxi dress can be used as an office attire; it can be used to attend official events and can used in a casual laid back setting as well making you the centre of attraction wherever you go.  Find below some amazing linen Maxi Dresses suitable for women.


Turn heads with a linen Maxi Dress paired with a single rose turban and a statement piece necklace.


African Inspired Linen Maxi Dresses come in so many different colours to choose from. 

Linen and Adire Maxi Dress for women

This Maxi dress is made from a combination of both linen and Adire and designed to bring out the best of both fabrics. This African Inspired Maxi Dress can be worn to every occasion as the fabric is comfortable and has an amazing feel. This Maxi Dress will bring out your confidence wherever you go and make you the centre of attention.

This unique design will make you the talk of the town and a fashion icon amongst other women.


Where to shop African Inspired Maxi Dresses for Women. Shop the most elegant African inspired Maxi dresses here: 

 Maxi Dresses will always be in style, no matter how much fashion trends evolve, no matter the times or seasons, Maxi Dresses will be a must have for every woman, and trust Ozoza Lifestyle to bring you the best designs suitable for women from all walks of life. You can shop for these outfits at Ozoza Lifestyle and release your inner diva.


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