Black Friday: Time To Spoil Yourself With The Best Shopping Deals

2020. That’s all. It has been such an eventful year that it deserves its own sentence. We have felt extreme emotions and doubted ourselves. We have laughed and cried - worried and let go. 2020 has happened to everyone.


In more ways than one, the year has taught us that we need to create our own pockets of joy and find happiness in the ways we can. For most people, the month of November seemed too far and the road to the end of the year had been filled with anxiety.

 For many, the question was - what will happen before the end of the year? But we are here now friends and Black Friday is upon us. This means we can shop without the guilt of the previous years as we truly deserve to spoil ourselves.


With a range of exotic and African-inspired dresses, tunics, boubous and accessories,

Ozoza Lifestyle has created a special collection just for you. Our pieces are made with love and stitched with meaning, gathering inspiration from the rich backgrounds of African cultures.


They are the perfect purchases to splurge on and we have put the right pieces together just for you. With 50% percent off, the items are on sale for your Black Friday shopping pleasure. Explore the catalogue here.


Our Black Friday sale runs from today 27th November and ends on Monday 30th November.


Kindly check the fashion page of our website to shop

50% off all items. click on the currency that applies to you.



  • Nov 27, 2020
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