Adapting to the New Normal

We initially heard news of Covid-19 in lands that seemed distant and remote, forgetting that we live in a global village and it was only a matter of time till it was at our doorstep. What we had listened to on international news channels and radio programmes as foreign news was suddenly local news. A distant nod of acknowledgement at the journalist’s statements turned into keenly attentive wartime-like defence strategies.  The difference was that in this war we couldn’t visibly identify the enemy or even see it coming. 

But like the deadly opponent that it is, it has taken numerous precious lives leaving devastation, sorrow and suffering in its wake. The crisis has not only been epidemiological, it has been economic, social and psychological. A reality many have been facing before now. Another scourge with a different name. Be it conflict zones, disease, hunger or otherwise. 

Whilst we are looking for a way to treat Covid-19, we need to develop coping mechanisms. We need to seek deeper connectivity to ourselves, with those around us and others virtually during this period of increased isolation.  We need to support those in need.

Aziza Atta


Ozoza Lifestyle

  • Jun 22, 2020
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