A 2021 Guide to African Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories are magical. They are not only beautiful, they can make or mar an outfit. Accessories are like stars; your looks though can exist without them but are incomplete without them. They add colours and flavor to your clothes and they carry so much power and they make all the difference.  

Fashion accessories are beautifying items, they compliment your outfits - jewelry, hand bags, gloves, scarves, belts, watches, turbans, cufflinks, sunglasses, ties and waist beads in some cases. 

The destiny (lol) of a look lies in the kind of accessories you pair it with. I know you are thinking “destiny?” Yes, destiny, lifeline- whatever you decide to call it. You can’t deny the fact that your accessories are as important as your outfits. 

Like every other thing in the world, fashion accessories have evolved and changed over the years. They are as much a part of fashion history as any other thing. They are classic and timeless. 

The 1950s was the decade fashion accessories came really popular. It was a decade of style and glamour, fashion accessories dominated the fashion industry, every outfit was planned to the least detail. Some of the most popular fashion accessories in the 1950s were gloves, hats and handbags. 

Why African Accessories? 

African accessories have become something people deem important for many reasons. For some, it’s their commitment to African traditions and culture, for some it’s about the significance of African accessories and for some others it can be a storage of wealth; like gold or precious metals and stones.

Some believe that wearing African accessories like beads, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, waist beads and so on is a way of staying connected to their African roots. Some just admire the beauty of these accessories.

African accessories can also be a symbol of royalty, power or prestige, beauty, tradition or strength, marital status, age, power and warrior-hood in some communities. 

African accessories are created from materials like hide, porcupine quill, bone, animal teeth, animal hair, seeds, nuts, husks, sea and land shells, egg shell, wood, ivory and carved stone.

Top African accessories picks to compliment your looks.

If you are looking for stunning African fashion accessories that make a statement, Ozoza Lifestyle is your best bet. All our accessories are made with materials sourced from all over Africa. 

Isobe Ebony Round disc necklace 

This gorgeous necklace is made with discs of Ebony wood and bones. They speak style, quality and substance. Beautifully crafted ebony round disc necklace transforms the collar of any outfit

This necklace can take your look from simple to sophisticated in no time. 

Green Scarf necklace 

Bold and head turning; This dynamic acrylic bronze, amber and brass necklace can be worn as a necklace or a belt

Absolutely ornate don’t you think?!

Tips to consider when choosing an African accessory 

  1. Sometimes less is more - keep it simple. African accessories are most beautiful with simple outfits 
  2. Avoid clashing patterns - try to stick to matching metallic colours 
  3. Make sure the colours and patterns compliment each other
  4. Choose between bright clothes or bold accessories. Don’t do both 

Where to buy African accessories from

The best place to shop magical African fashion accessories is Ozoza Lifestyle. You get value for your money. 

Shop some stunning African accessories here, you will be glad you did



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