What is an Ozoza Lifestyle?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so goes the famous saying. However the reality is that beauty varies from culture to culture. Every tradition has its own defining characteristics of beauty. The word for beauty in the Ebira language is Ozoza.  Hence the name Ozoza Lifestyle. The Ebira are an agrarian ethno-linguistic group located in the middle belt of Nigeria near the Niger-Benue confluence. 

What about the concept of an “Ozoza Lifestyle” (a beautiful lifestyle) from the Ebira perspective? In Ebira the word “Ozoza” signifies a positive deed, action or conduct. The emphasis is more on the inner qualities of a person or object. It is used to express outward qualities also but culturally the stress is on the inner essence of the subject. An Ozoza Lifestyle consciously strives to emanate all of these qualities.

Historically, the Ebira approach to beauty is significant in that beauty is seen not only in the works of art and in the human figure but also in human conduct, in humanity itself and in a person’s character. In other words a beauty with form and substance. A holistic beauty. A beauty one can see as well as feel inherently. Is there such a thing in existence or is there simply a journey towards such a thing? Either way it is all in the imagination and then the realization. The imagination represents the intention to produce such a wonderful concept in a tangible and intangible form, resulting in the experience of the beauty with all the senses.

What we at Ozoza aim to do is to bring you the essence of beauty in your lives. We seek to enhance every aspect of existence, whether it be your living space, the clothes you wear or the art work that you surround yourself with. It goes beyond enhancing the lifestyle of the purchaser of the products, but also enhances the lifestyle of the producers of the products.

Our purpose is to start a conversation with you about beauty, about elegance, and about the meaning of existence.

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Ozoza Lifestyle Team

  • May 05, 2017
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